Predator Range

Luxury and prestige

Innovators and trend setters, Lehel is dedicated in its path and continues to invest heavily in new developments to provide horse owners with the best possible transport and living solutions for horse and rider.

About our Predator horseboxes

The Predator range is the pinnacle of all Lehel products. Designed with top international equestrians, proven over decades and tested by the veterinary college of Budapest.

Infinite variety, versatility and creativity are the hallmarks of a Lehel horsebox. Every Lehel horsebox is built using traditional methods, with no compromise. The best quality materials, aluminium, stainless steel, real wood, Carbon Fibre, sumptuous real leather and natural stone are used to make the best horseboxes in the world.

We believe the Predator truly is a truck with no compromise.

Key horsebox features:

  • Coachbuilt to your exact specifications
  • Layouts adapted to suit your requirements
  • Top quality materials and traditional craftmanship
  • Innovative window, electrical and water systems
  • Space-maximising designs
  • Individual paint schemes & designs
  • Consultation to understand your needs


Predator (large horseboxes):

  • Constructed with aluminium panels and reinforced with marine grade stainless steel, the walls are bonded to the chassis to provide maximum flexibility for poor surface conditions.
  • The suspended structure allows Lehel to be the only manufacturer in the world to fit genuine continuous windows, which are reinforced, tinted and multi-functional providing perfect vision and airflow.
  • The unique Lehel electrical system allows for 12v, 24v and 240V to be linked to generator, auto, mains and solar power. This provides the user with maximum safety and power supply security. The water system is equally sophisticated with diverse back up options.
  • Where there is space, there is a locker. No other manufacturer utilises space as well as a Lehel Predator. You can fit washer/dryers, fridges, tack box, scooter or even a Harley Davidson. Just tell us what you want!
  • The cab is integrated to the living area and depending on cab size provides either a luxury bed in the luton or a lift bed. This can be trimmed to match the rest oft he vehicle.
  • Bathrooms emulate hotel bathrooms with tiled floors and walls with luxury fittings.
  • The groom‘s compartment over the bathroom can be fixed or enlarged with a pop-up. It can be accessed from either living area/horse area or both. It can also be kitted out as required.
  • The living area is also a joint project with the customer, using only premium materials, individual lighting, several entertainment options and various layouts. You are in control – whatever material, whatever design and whatever colour, it is your choice.
  • The horse areas are arguably the best in the world. Designed to minimise horse stress with multi-layered cushioned floors, screw free edges, smooth surfaces, easily adjustable partitions that cope with every thing from Shetland to Shire, various feed bin options, large blanket racks, a ventilation system that does not require front window opening to protect horses’ eyes and the walls and floors that are designed to withstand constant kicking. The camera system and temperature monitor also allow full control for the grooms and the driver.
  • All vehicles are painted in our own paintshop which allows us to offer a personal paint scheme of your choice with a paint system designed to stand the test of time.
  • We offer many diverse optional extras. Just ask. If it is humanly possible, we will accommodate your wishes. Obviously the size of the truck will dictate some elements.

We can build on new or pre-owned chassis and have a long experience of building on chassis from all major manufacturers. We can source a chassis for you but you can also choose to supply your own chassis. With the aid of the Lehel Engineering team, we can ensure that you purchase the ideal chassis for your new horsebox.

Enquire about the Predator range

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